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The China's leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCB). LEF have over 20 years experience in manufacturing bare PCB and invested heavily in upgrading its facilities to the highest levels to meet the requirements of today's customer .The company employ 200 staffs and 32 of them are experienced engineers.

 LEF  focus is both in prototyping and production orders. Product applications included communication, medical, automobile, automation, etc. And the products are marketed to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia,China mainland.etc. LEF have been awarded “Prominent supplier” and “Star supplier” for years.

Our mission is to provide top quality, competitive price and best service to your PCB products


Lead Time


Quick Turn Time

Gernal Lead Time
2 Layer 24 Hours 4 Days
4 Layer 48 Hours 6 Days
6 Layer 60 Hours 7 Days
8 Layer 72 Hours 8 Days
10 Layer 96 Hours 10 Days
>10 Layer >96 Hours >10 Days


About Us Products Quality Technology Related Products Contact us

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